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TLVD Music Experience

"Our lives are busy. The external world is loud and takes up most people's full field of view from birth to grave. This keeps us at the mercy of events outside ourselves, therefore losing sight and access to our essential essence that lies at our core, where all distinction fades away, and from where all joy and contentment arise...independent of what's going on "out there". For centuries we have relied heavily on words to communicate, and to grow. Words fail. At best they are pointers at the moon and not the moon itself. They are symbolic noises and nothing more. True change doesn't happen in words or books and because true change is internal and beyond the mind, any attempt at funneling the vast potential of human experience into words is severely limiting at best.

I propose a new to us at least. in ancient times music was used as an important evolutionary tool for both individual and collective growth...rhythm and melody was used as a means to draw the senses of the tribe inward so that they can find their own answers their own way in the only place they can be found. Inside, not "out there". The music that channels through me, does not seek to entertain, but to empower your inner world to open up, releasing creative expression and revealing aspects of the human experience that tend to lie dormant in our fast paced culture.

Music is a universal language....transcending culture, dogma, and all seeming differences, pointing us to the intrinsic Essence that is equally in all.

The intention of my concerts are different than the norm.I will seek. through melody and rhythm to "in-draw" the senses and then to take you on a tour of your internal landscape. You may see vast scenes unfolding in your head, populated by your subconscious. I will open up a different landscape in you with each changing melody. Largely, the melodies/codes are spontaneous and ad-lib...meaning purely channeled and unfiltered....Shared just for that particular moment for the particular people attending the concert.

I encourage attendees to bring a piece of their art with them. It can be writing, drawing, reading, dancing, beating a small drum to a beat, whatever resonates with you. Working at your art in the supportive and transcendent space I will create for you can potentially provide an impetus for large strides of growth and a deep merging between you and your art. Or you can just sit back and let the music take you on an inward journey and just let it wash over you. Either way, if you are open and present at the concert, you will certainly leave the very least with a much more cleared out and open communication to the part of you that is beyond birth and death, beyond all distinction. The Place where we are all the same Being.

See you then and come ready for a deep rest away from the noisiness of modern life."

-Dave Garofalo

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Event Time

Mar 28, 2019
08:00 PM
Mar 28, 2019
10:00 PM